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Alliance of Modern Pet Professionals--Pittsburgh

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

Hello World! Or, rather, Pittsburgh! We are very excited to join the incredible local animal community!

AMPP was created by a passionate group of pet care professionals who wanted to improve the state of pet care businesses locally for those who follow modern industry-standard philosophies. Through this work, we realized we could create a centralized referral source for professionals and pet owners alike to find skilled, qualified, and vetted service providers in a variety of pet care fields.

Many pet care professionals (trainers, groomers, pet sitters, and dog walkers) run sole proprietor businesses that are little islands floating alone in the ocean. We aim to help connect these islands into a thriving community that can further promote humane animal training and low-stress handling in bigger, more visible, ways. By connecting these islands, we will create a dense network of professionals who adhere to the modern industry-standard philosophies (LIMA, Low-Stress Handling, and Fear Free Pets) that we believe are in the dogs' and their owners' best interests. We are stronger advocates when we are a community than when we act as individuals alone.

We quickly realized that this network could also fill the need of a local source for vetted referrals that could benefit pet care professionals and pet owners alike! In these mostly unregulated or under-regulated fields, picking a qualified professional is a challenge for the consumer and even for other professionals. There is no single source, for any of the industries, that allows them to identify a professional who is skilled, qualified, ethical, and truly adheres to the leading industry-standard philosophy of humane animal training and handling. We hope that our network will be used by professionals to make confident referrals to clients and pet owners to find the pet care professionals they need.

If you feel strongly about creating a community of pet care professionals who adhere to industry-standard philosophies like LIMA, Fear Free Pets, and Low-Stress Handling or you are interested in promoting humane animal training and handling, you should join us! We are looking for professional members and supporters to join our community!

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