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What's the Difference

Between a Training Pro

and a Behavior Pro?

Animal training is a completely unregulated industry. There are no requirements for a person to call themselves a trainer, behavior consultant, or a behaviorist and there is a different skill set for each.  We want to make sure pet parents get paired up with a professional that will meet their needs, so we created separate Training Pro and Behavior Pro referrals.



Training Pros

AMPP Training Pros are trainers who are skilled and experienced with teaching things like basic manners, tricks, canine good citizen skills, canine sports, or therapy dog skills.  Training Pros may teach group classes or private lessons and each of our Training Pros will list the areas that they are proficient.


If you need help teaching your dog to walk nicely on leash, to come when called, to greet people with out jumping, house training, puppy raising, or similar manners, a Training Pro is a good option.

If you are looking to have your dog earn their CGC, become a therapy dog (to visit patients in hospitals or students at schools), compete in a canine sport (agility, obedience, nose work, rally, etc), or pursue other fun training activities (like earning trick titles), check out which Training Pro offers the activity you are interested in training!

Behavior Pros

AMPP Behavior Pros are trainers who have shown a dedication and proficiency in behavior modification techniques that adhere to LIMA philosophy.  All of our professionals submit case studies to be reviewed by peers before earning the Behavior Pro designation to show they know how to apply behavior theory along with implement management strategies.  Many of our Behavior Pros hold Certified Professional Dog Trainer or Behavior Consultant certifications from independent organizations and these members are required to submit one case study for review prior to being accepted as a Behavior Pro. If an AMPP Behavior Pro does not hold an independent certification (they might hold a school or program certification or they may not hold any certification), they have submitted two case studies and proof of their experience handling behavioral cases. 

If you are struggling with aggression towards people or dogs, on-leash aggression, on leash reactivity, fear aggression, separation anxiety, storm/firework anxiety, sound sensitivity, resource guarding, fear issues, dogs and babies/toddlers concerns, or other dangerous or concerning behaviors, an AMPP Behavior Pro is the place to look.

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