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We are a collective of Modern Pet Professionals who are passionate about providing the pet owners of Pittsburgh access to high quality pet care resources.  We are dog trainers, behavior consultants, veterinarians, groomers, pet sitters, dog walkers, and shelter/rescue employees or volunteers who are committed to humane and positive treatment of the animals in our care and to remaining at the forefront of our field through continuing education.

Our goals


  • To be a source of training and behavior information for our community through written works, seminars, and collegial educational opportunities

  • To promote humane animal training within pet care related businesses and help local pet care professionals expand their knowledge and skills to add more of these methods to their business practices

  • To provide the pet owners of Pittsburgh with a referral list to professional service providers who maintain a commitment to continuing education and support least intrusive and minimally aversive methods within their field

  • To educate the pet owners of Pittsburgh on how to find and evaluate service providers to ensure they are hiring quality professionals to care for their pets

To see a copy a copy of our tax filings and 990form, please email us.
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