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The Alliance of Modern Pet Professionals offers a variety of educational opportunities geared toward pet professionals and pet owners. Seminars, webinars, and workshops will be posted here as they are scheduled. 



*AMPP Members always have either discounted or free registration for our educational opportunities, so if you are thinking about joining, now's a great time!. 


Barnyard and Beyond Clicker Camp 



Who:  Dog owners, pet professionals, training nerds, Hope Haven Fans, and others

When:    October 7-8 2023  9-4:30 (ish)

Where:   Saturday October 7th--Success Just Clicks -- 1932 Spring Garden Ave 15212
                    Sunday October 8th--Hope Haven Farm -- 2506 Wexford Bayne Rd. 15143         

What:    Join us for a weekend of learning about clicker training with an emphasis on shaping, capturing, and cooperative care as a fundraiser for Hope Haven Farm Sanctuary and Alliance of Modern Pet Professionals (both registered non-profit organizations).


Presented by Andrea Lamping CDBC, CPDT-KA and Tena Parker M.S., CDBC, CPDT-KA, you'll learn about body language of our farm friends, learning theory foundations (ABCs, quadrants, marker signals, shaping, luring, capturing, reinforcement strategies, and more), solid marker mechanics, solid reinforcement mechanics, and a bigger emphasis on cooperative care skills and start button behaviors. We'll play a shaping game to put your new skills to the test with other humans. You'll then get to practice those new skills with provided demo dogs and finally, on Sunday, you'll get to practice those skills on the farm animals at Hope Haven Farm Sanctuary. You'll have two opportunities on Sunday to work with ducks, chickens, goats, emus, ponies, mini donkey, pigs, and emus with the new skills you've learned and also 2 opportunities to observe fellow campers working with their assigned animals.

How much:  $275 working spot all weekend    (AMPP Member $225)

EARLY BIRD pricing will run until 9/9/2023:   $225 working spot   (AMPP Member early bird $195)

We've been approved for 17.5 CEUs for CPDT-KA!  IAABC CEUs are pending...

The Details:

  • Lunch will be provided both days (but we cannot accommodate special dietary needs. If you are bringing a lunch, please be respectful to the mission of Hope Haven Farm and bring a vegetarian or vegan lunch)

  • Dress for the job! Sunday you'll be outside at the farm most of the day working rain or shine so you should wear weather appropriate clothing and clothes prepared to be working around farm animals (we will cancel the farm day if it's unsafe to be outside due to dangerous weather conditions like storms). 

  • Feel free to bring your own more comfortable chair both Saturday and Sunday. You'll be spending a fair bit of time seated on Saturday and we'll have somewhat comfortable plastic folding chairs, but you can bring a camp chair if it's more comfortable. We'll have folding chairs available Sunday and will be moving around and working most of the day but at lunch, during breaks, or while you are observing and not working, if you want a more comfy chair, you can bring one with you. 

  • You should bring a pen, notebook, clip board, or other note-taking tools if you are a note taker at seminars. To be earth conscious we will not be providing handouts of the slides. 

  • There is limited parking at the farm on Sunday. If you are carpooling with at least 2 other attendees you can park at the farm, otherwise we will have a shuttle spot from a local business in the area (TBD) where you'll park and we'll shuttle you to the farm. Use the FB event page to coordinate ride-shares if you want to skip the shuttle!

Day 1:


Join us for a day of lecture and hands on learning at Success Just Clicks Dog Training.  Campers can expect a lecture and presentation on the nuts and bolts of the science of animal training. Learn the nerdy details of training that can take your skills to the next level. We'll also be covering information about cooperative care and be providing some demos of cooperative care skills.   


Once campers know the nerdy details, we'll put their new knowledge to good use playing a shaping game with their fellow campers. You've learned about marker signals, the timing of the marker, reinforcement strategies, environmental management to set your learner up for success, splitting and lumping--can you use those to shape simple tasks with a camp buddy? (*this was a HUGE hit last year and was game changing for a lot of the campers who didn't think it would be the highlight of their weekend) 

You'll also get hands on training practice with demo dogs that AMPP will provide. These dogs are already savvy with shaping games to help set campers up for success. You'll work in pairs with one of the dogs to play a shaping or capturing game or to shape a skill (we'll provide some ideas). 

Lastly, you'll find out what animals you've been paired with for the farm training on Sunday. While we will pair you with two different farm animals, we also know that sometimes the farm animals are just not so into it and we can't guarantee you'll work with those exact animals. Thankfully there are plenty of animals available to practice with if we need to pivot. 

Day 2:

We'll meet at Hope Haven Farm where the founder, Dr. Karen Phillips will provide a tour of the farm, history of the farm, and it's mission. 


You'll have two working sessions with your animals and two observation sessions watching other teams work. One in the morning and one in the afternoon.  We'll have short debrief sessions after the working sessions to see how our teams were doing--any struggles, questions, big successes, or just share what they worked on. 


We are lining up a photographer to offer the option of some photo sessions in the afternoon where there will be free session where campers can work with any of the animals they were interested in working with but didn't get assigned or to play the human shaping game from the day before, or get some photos working with the animals.

Space will be limited to 20 campers and sold out at that number last year, so don't wait too long to register!

**Early Bird Registration use "EARLYBIRDBARN" coupon code**

AMPP Members: see the AMPP FB group for your codes

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