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Statement OF Values

The Alliance of Modern Pet Professionals and our members uphold these core values in our work with our clients, in our interactions with our communities, and with our colleagues.



Humane Methodology 

AMPP Professionals subscribe to LIMA (Less Invasive, Minimally Intrusive) philosophy with regards to dog handling within their professional field. Our professionals will always prioritize the use of positive reinforcement rather than techniques based in fear, discomfort, pain, and intimidation.


Progressive Educational Culture

AMPP members aim to raise awareness about the power of reinforcement- based dog training and low-stress handling and how it inspires safer communities through education, happier families through well trained dogs, and a forward-thinking culture of behavior-savvy professionals. With genuine insight into the art and science of learning, our members choose methods that not only reflect the most recent and accurate scientific research, but also emphasize relationship, trust, and teamwork.




Our network of professional trainers, veterinarians, pet sitters, dog walkers, groomers, shelter personnel, and volunteers believe in modeling integrity and a strong ethic of welfare and safety.  Our well-vetted members are appropriately insured, licensed and/or certified for their field and show a commitment toward improving their skills through continued education and practice with esteemed peers and mentors.

Upholding a strong standard of respect for clients and colleagues is a high priority. AMPP members respect the confidentiality of our clients and will keep personal information and identifiable characteristics private and will maintain a professional decorum towards colleagues.


Accountability and Transparency

Members are expected to always accurately represent their qualifications, experience, and possible outcomes.


Our members are transparent with clients about how their dog will be handled while under the member’s care and should thoroughly discuss details about all interactions before they take place.



Members are accepted without discrimination on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, national origin, gender, religion, sexual orientation, marital/familial status, disability or physical limitation.

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