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Join AMPP!

Are you passionate about improving the pet care field by promoting positive reinforcement, LIMA philosophy, and low stress handling?  Would you like to help ensure that all Pittsburgh pet owners have the resources to find quality pet care professionals?  Do you feel strongly that Pittsburgh pet professionals should adhere to a code of ethics that includes following the Least Invasive Minimally Aversive methodology?  Do you want to help promote these things within our community and help educate fellow pet owners or pet professionals?  You might want to join us! We have three levels of membership from professional members to supporting members to give all supporters an avenue to contribute and advance our mission!

We are a 501c6 (pending) organization and all money goes to funding our programs, materials, and projects to further our mission!

We are finalizing our membership options and will post those, along with our applications for membership once they are finalized!

Each membership level will have a yearly fee to join and will have substantial benefits to the member!  Each level has different benefits, but they might include discounts at some local seminars (with CEUs), free AMPP seminars (with CEUs), possible radio and TV appearances for AMPP, listed on our referral webpages, blogging for AMPP, being present at large events like pet expo, using our AMPP logo on your website, becoming known through more referral sources through this collaboration, and more!

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