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AMPP Code Of Conduct

Statement of Purpose


The Alliance of Modern Pet Professionals seeks to organize and unite its members though a strong commitment to the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct. This code affirms a collaborative agreement of acceptable standards of practice and operation.

Statement of Values


1 Humane Methodology


With genuine insight into the art and science of learning, our members choose methods that not only reflect the most recent and accurate scientific research, but also emphasize relationship and teamwork.


1.1 AMPPP members must subscribe to LIMA (Least Invasive, Minimally Aversive) philosophy and implement training/behavior modification protocols that adhere to that standard. Our professionals will always prioritize the use of positive reinforcement rather than techniques based in fear, pain, and intimidation.


1.2 AMPPP expressly discourages the use of electronic collars, prong collars, choke chains or training aids that cause physical or emotional pain.


1.3 AMPPP members recognize the importance of choice as a basic biological need.


1.4 Members strive to minimize the use of punishment by teaching the learner what to do instead.


1.5 In accordance with modern research, AMPPP dismisses the validity of dominance    theory and its impact on behavior modification practices. Members refrain from using force and coercion techniques.


2 Progressive Educational Culture

Raising awareness about the power of reinforcement- based dog training and low-stress handling and how it inspires safer communities, happier families, and a forward culture of behavior-savvy professionals.


2.1 Members are encouraged to interact with one another, share knowledge, and consult colleagues when faced with a difficult case.


2.2 Members should participate in continued education such as attending seminars, enrolling in online courses, and reading source material and academic texts.

3 Professionalism

Our network of professional trainers, veterinarians, pet sitters, dog walkers, groomers, shelter personnel and volunteers believe in modeling integrity and strong standards of welfare and safety.


3.1 AMPPP seeks to inspire a cooperative culture where we treat colleagues and competitors

with kindness and respect, regardless of any differences of opinion.


3.2 AMPPP members may share information about their experiences with other trainers/businesses but must refrain from public defamation of any person, professional or company.


3.3 Personal info and identifiable characteristics of clients will not be shared without expressed consent from the client.


3.4 When collaborating with other professionals, members should maintain an open line of communication and feedback to ensure continuity of care.


3.5 AMPPP members respect clients’ choices regarding training, care and management while gently educating about the potential consequences.


3.6 Members participating in public speaking roles, working tables, or volunteering at special events must exemplify the core values of AMPPP.


3.7 Members will reserve any rants or anecdotal complaints for private discussion. Closed social media groups and events are offered to share ideas, seek useful resources, and connect with each other in a positive and productive way.


3.8 Members should also exercise decorum when posting to personal social media accounts and public groups.


3.9 Members shall respect and maintain the confidentiality of any written or verbal details exchanged during events, meetings, or discussions on the closed social media group.


4 Accountability and Transparency


4.1 Members are appropriately insured, licensed and/or certified for their field.


4.2 Our members are transparent with clients about how their dog will be handled while under the member’s care and should thoroughly discuss details about all interactions before they take place.


4.3 No members will offer guarantees regarding specific outcomes of their sessions.


4.4 Members are expected to always truthfully represent their qualifications, experience, and possible outcomes.


4.5 AMPPP members should be mindful of their own capabilities and take cases that are in their realm of expertise. Members may submit a written request to the board for assistance in finding a appropriate referral if something comes up that is beyond their skill set.


4.6 Members shall refrain from offering advice, recommendations or diagnosis regarding details  beyond the boundaries of their individual expertise.


4.7 Members shall not offer financial incentives to clients in exchange for positive reviews.



Members are accepted without discrimination on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, national origin, gender, religion, sexual orientation, marital/familial status, disability or physical limitation.


If a problem arises members should go directly to the board with a written account of the issue submitted via email (



AMPP reserves the right to revoke membership on a case by case basis. Membership fees will not be refunded.

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